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Here’s my new One Direction fan fiction :) 

Can’t Stop

Summary: Newly signed to Syco records with a ready to be released debut album that promises to catapult her to fame, 19 year old Jessica Stratford is living the dream.                                                                                            When she is given the opportunity to open for world famous boy band One Direction on their worldwide tour she jumps at the opportunity. Soon enough she finds herself in a world wind, moving from city to city and country to country. Jessica is living the dream and on top of it all she has made five new best friends in the one direction boys.                            

But, could it be a case of being careful of what you wish for? Follow Jessica in her new adventure: with late night parties and far too many early mornings. With the friendships and relationships of tour that could threaten to not only tear her heart apart but also tear apart the band she loves.       

Could it be that at the end of it all, the band that helped her rise to fame is the reason for her fall from grace?

Show Chapter | Archive of Our Own

Hey, here’s my new Harry Styles/OC fan fiction :) 

Little Bear

Summary: One month ago Makayla had everything. She got on well with her parents, had good relationship with her twin brother and was popular with amazing friends and a loving boyfriend.
Now a month later, she wishes she could turn back the clock.
Now she is faced with a life where her loving boyfriend is now her cheating ex. Where she not only has to put up with the school bitch but also her friends who have abandoned her in her time of need. Where her parents are furious with her and her brother can’t even stand to be in the same room as her.
The worst part is, Makayla believes she deserved it.
Why? Because at the age of 17, Makayla has gone and gotten herself pregnant.